2015 Pan Am Boulevard, Milton, ON L9T 8Y9


November 22, 2021

NCIM Race Night #3

Both Adult and Youth Racing

Saturday November 27th, 2021: 6:00PM to 10:00PM


Scratch, Elimination, Points Races

Overview: Registration is open to riders of Elite, Masters and Youth categories. Youth categories will be dependent on the number of registrants. For 2021 all participants much have EITHER:

• A valid UCI Racing License – riders do not need the track specific option

• An Ontario Cycling Citizen’s permit

• AND be certified to ride the Mattamy National Cycling Centre

NCIM Race Events are sanctioned by the Ontario Cycling Association. Race nights follow a simple format and positions are determined visually by the Chief Commissaire and finish line volunteers. Competition emphasizes fair play.

Cheating or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification and/or removal from the competition.


October 16 Race Schedule

All races will be run in the order of Youth A, then Youth B, then Adults A – C

Race 1: Scratch Race – A basic mass start race. All riders start from the rail and race for a set number of laps. A bell rings with one lap to go. First rider across the line wins with laps taking precedent. A 35 laps / B 30 laps / C 25 laps / Youth A 25 laps / Youth B 20

Race 2: Elimination – A race where every other lap, the last rider across the finish line is called ‘out’ and must retire from the race (as determined by rear wheel). This continues until there are two riders left who sprint for 1st place. Distance depends on field size

Race 3: Points Race – Riders score points every ten laps for the first four riders across the line (5-3-2-1). Last sprint is worth double. Take a lap and gain 10 points, go down a lap and lose 10 points.

A 50 laps / B 40 laps / C 30 laps / Youth A 30 laps/ Youth B 20 laps (sprints every 5)


GEAR Restrictions:

A group max: 100 inches (52×14)

B group max: 96 inches (50×14, 53×15)

C Group max: 96 inches (50×14, 53×15)

Youth A max (UPDATED): 90 inches (50×15)

Youth B max: 86 inches (48×15)