Riders 10-18 that have completed their Certification are invited to participate in the NCIM Youth Structured Program.

    Coaches will work with athletes to develop skill, fitness and physical capacity for track cycling, while always ensuring a fun and exciting atmosphere. During the first sessions, riders will be assessed and placed in a suitable group, based on their track riding competence. Programming will increase skill and fitness levels. Ages 10-18. Bike rentals available free of charge.



    • Track Certification A
    • Track Certification B
    Schedule & Registration

    Our High-Performance program is designed to develop an athlete’s racing skills as they progress from their first NCIM Track League races, all the way to the Junior World Championships and beyond.

    The Red Group is geared to helping the athlete improve their fitness while working on their racing technique and skills, to make them competitive at the Provincial, National, and International level.  There is an emphasis on skill acquisition, such as bunch racing, madison and other technical aspects of track racing.

    Classes are structured with a focus on skills and efforts targeted towards improvement in performance and actual race simulations. This class is recommended for riders who have already raced, are comfortable riding in large groups on the track, and are interested in improving their racing skills. Ages 10-18.


    • The program is athlete-focused with a consistent goal to develop youth cyclists committed to improving their performance.
    • The model athlete has above-average cycling skills.
    • Sessions are often split into two groups, one coach attached to each grouping.  Each coach instructs the athletes with warm ups, briefings, instruction, feedback, debriefings, etc.  Athletes will be placed in the group that best meets their abilities for that day.
    • Specific structured training sessions are consistent and scheduled twice per week (in the Fall and Winter), with the expectation of some race weeks/weekends.


    • General age guideline is 13 to 18 years old.
    • Must be certified to ride on the track in Milton
    • Meet and maintain entry-level performance criteria.
    • Have competitive goals whether Track, Road, BMX, MTB, or ideally a combination of these disciplines such as Track and Road.

    Fall & Winter High Performance

    • Red Group HP will be sold in two semesters Fall (Sept-December) and Winter (January – April)
    • Athletes interested in trying out for H.P can register for sessions in September
    • admin@ncirevolution.com for additional details

    Rental bikes are allowed, but it is recommended that the athletes have their own bikes as we will be including gear changing and bike set up in our classes and this is not allowed with the  rental bikes.


    • Athletes are welcome to try out for the program, (we suggest riders email their interest to admin@ncirevolution.com).  All athletes interested must complete an evaluation session.  If they meet the minimum performance criteria, they may be invited to join the program.
    Schedule & Registration

    Our High-Performance program is designed to develop an athlete’s racing skills as they progress from their first NCIM Track League races, all the way to the Junior World Championships and beyond.

    This Blue Group is delivered in partnership with the Ontario Cycling Association and is comprised of  elite athletes, limited to a cohort size of just 16 riders a year.  These racers range in age between 17-21 and have been identified as being on Cycling Canada’s development pathway trajectory.  Many of these riders participate in Cycling Canada Youth Advancement Camps and are focused on qualifying for and performing at the Junior World Championships.  Admission into the training group is by application process annually late Summer, with a second intake mid-season, to incorporate fast-tracked or emerging riders.

    Schedule & Registration